The Why, Where and How to Travel?

Why Travel?

It is said that travelling helps one find themselves. As an avid traveller myself I definitely do vouch for this statement. Travelling to unknown places and exploring the lifestyle of the people there, is surely an eye-opener. The cuisine is just an added bonus. One does not have to necessarily travel in order to forge new bonds and make a few good memories but doing so helps one have a different perspective of life. There's more to visiting new places than getting more stamps on one's passport and checking countries off one's bucket list. But it's again up to each one to figure out what that reason is. For me, seeing the way of life in other countries and comparing it against my own help understand how privileged I am at times and how at times I'm not. This is what urges me to live life to the fullest and be happy with whatever I have while trying to make a difference in the things that don't.

Where to Travel?

One does not have to travel to a far off place in order to enjoy the pleasures of travelling. Even a place that's quite close by, can make for quite a memorable trip. Personally, I find it quite easy to choose a place to visit. The budget does become a main defining factor while choosing a place. The ease of travelling within the place, the sights to visit, the cuisine to taste and the activities to try out all factor in as well. Sometimes it's just nice to visit a quaint and quiet place to experience the calm that we excessively need in life, right now.

How to Travel?

A budget-travel or a luxury one? Which one is a better choice? I'm sure each type has its benefits and one should try out both. Also, what counts as a luxury in one place may turn out to be budget-friendly at another.  All-in-all, I believe the best way to visit a place is to do how the locals would approach it. In short, live it the way it should be lived. That will be an experience like no other.